15 September 2014

How hard does it have to be?

Yesterday I left a message on the clinic's answerphone to say that we didn't have enough Gonal F to last us until my first scan on Thursday. Nurse D rang back and agreed that we didn't have enough. D went to the clinic this morning to pick up some more, as well as some alcohol wipes. This is the third time we have had to visit the clinic to pick up medication. It would have been much more convenient if they'd made sure we had everything we needed the first time!

In my message, I had asked that they call me back on my landline number. Although they have my cellphone number in their records, I use it for only the occasional text and I risk missing calls or messages if I have left the phone in my handbag or in the car. Unfortunately, Nurse D did ring my cellphone. I don't understand why it seems to be so difficult for them to call my landline. It is frustrating, especially when we are paying so much for this treatment and this is such a basic administration issue. I hope it is sorted out now because I really don't want to create any fuss, but I also hope that I don't miss any calls.

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