21 September 2014

Instructions and a final jab

Yesterday morning I went to the lab to have a blood test. Of course, it wasn't quite that simple. The lab did not have the form required, so I had to call the clinic and ask about it. They said they would send it through electronically right away, so I went and ran some errands for 20 minutes or so and then went back.

By then, the form had arrived, but the staff at the lab told me that someone at the clinic had "had a go" at them for not sorting it out properly. I'm not sure what to believe. The lab has a central system and, if the clinic had sent the details through correctly, they should have been available for any branch of the lab to see. So I don't know where the problem lies, but I was disappointed that there seems to be some bad feeling between the lab and the clinic. It's not a great impression for patients and is hardly reassuring.

However, in the end, the blood test was done, and then Nurse J rang in the early afternoon to give me my instructions for the next 48 hours or so. It was quite complicated! I had to have the trigger injection at 9pm that night, no more Gonal F or Buserelin, then in the morning I had to begin the "Colorado protocol", which is a series of medications which may help with embryo implantation. We need to be at the clinic by 8.15am on Monday for egg collection at 9.00am. On Tuesday, I need to start taking Clexane (heparin) injections and Progynova (oestrogen), as well as using progesterone pessaries.

The trigger injection went smoothly and this morning I took augmentin (an antibiotic) and Prednisone (a steroid). Everything seems fine, although I experience occasional twinges and it feels as if my tummy is very full and lumpy. I am looking forward to getting tomorrow's egg collection over with.

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