24 September 2014

More numbers

I have just had a call from A at the clinic's lab. She told me that of the six fertilised eggs, two have grown to four-cell embryos, two have grown to two-cell and one has grown to three-cell. The sixth more immature one isn't doing as well and should probably be discounted. One of the two-cell embryos has multinucleation (one of the cells has two nuclei), but this almost always resolves itself.

A told me that S will call me early tomorrow morning after checking progress and we will decide then whether to do a transfer that day or on Saturday. Only one embryo will be transferred and any others will be frozen. D will be disappointed if the transfer happens tomorrow because he can't make it.

A gave me some instructions about what to do tomorrow morning because my bladder has to be full for the embryo transfer, if it happens. I mentioned that I drank coffee in the morning and A reminded me that I should have cut back or stopped my caffeine intake. I don't know why I didn't think of it this time. In previous cycles I've dutifully cut down or switched to decaf. I only have to hope that it's had no real effect. I'm allowed one in the morning and then I'll have to stick to herbal tea!

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