22 September 2014

Egg collection

This morning bright and early we showed up at the clinic for egg collection. We were met by Nurse L who took my vital signs and started to go through some details with us. Then she left the room and a few minutes later Nurse K came in and started to go through the same things! Then we talked to A, the laboratory technician, and we discussed what was going to happen with the eggs. We decided to do transfer two embryos and to try for a transfer on day five, assuming all goes well. A will call me in the morning to let me know.

After all the preliminaries were dealt with, we were taken to a curtained-off area with several cubicles, where I put on a gown and had a cannula inserted in my arm. Dr Mc came to speak to us briefly, just to see how things were going, which was nice.

In the theatre, we were introduced to Dr S, who would perform the procedure. Nurse K was there with a student nurse and we could see A through the window in the lab. I was given a sedative and I don't remember a lot of the procedure, though it was a lot more uncomfortable than previously. 14 eggs were collected, which is great. It was all over very quickly and soon we were back in our cubicle where I rested for a while. I was a bit sore, so they brought me a hot towel (they didn't seem to have hot water bottles or wheat bags). After some coffee and biscuits, I got dressed and we went home.

Interestingly, despite the fact that I remember this time being more painful, I seem to have recovered more quickly. I didn't feel as out of it as I expected, although I did sleep most of the afternoon. There has also been very little spotting. I can only put this down to the technique of the doctor. I am staying on top of the discomfort with paracetamol and wheat bags, though it's not really painful now, just sort of tight and tender, especially when I move around.

Tonight I continued with the antibiotic and the steroid, and tomorrow I start the other Colorado drugs, the Clexane and - joy oh joy - the progesterone pessaries. We assume for now that the transfer will happen on Thursday or Saturday, depending on what happens in the lab in the meantime, and my pregnancy test will be in about two weeks. I am feeling a lot more positive now. Although things have been different at this new clinic, sometimes not always in good ways, 14 is such a good number that surely we must have a good shot. D has been very good at looking after me today!

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