23 September 2014


This morning I woke up feeling exhausted. I hadn't slept very well, and then my gut decided to play up. I've had this happen before, perhaps half a dozen times over the years. I'll go to the loo early in the morning, then over the following few minutes a small twinge will turn into a fiery cramp and I'll start to sweat buckets. It's awful. All that can be done is to take off all my clothes, clutch a hot wheat bag to my tummy and wait it out. After 20 minutes or so, the pain starts to come and go. Each time it eases off I get a huge feeling of relief and eventually it stops completely, leaving me drained. It happens in exactly the same pattern each time, but because it happens so rarely, I've been unable to pin it down to anything. I should probably get it looked into! However, I went back to sleep for a few hours and now I feel much better.

While I was dozing, I got a call from A at the clinic's lab. We had a good long talk. She told me that of the 14 eggs extracted yesterday, she'd been able to inject 10 with sperm and 6 had fertilised. The remaining four hadn't fertilised successfully - one had ended up with three sets of chromosomes (called triploidy - thanks, Dr Google!). Of our six embryos, one is less mature than the others. We will talk again in the morning to decide on a three-day or five-day transfer. A sounded pretty positive and she is very experienced, so I will trust her judgement. The absolutely best case scenario is that we have enough good embryos to transfer one and freeze the rest.

There have been lots of differences between this clinic and our old clinic, many of which I have commented on negatively. But I am feeling a lot more positive now. It really does feel like things might be going our way, thanks to some knowledgeable and confident staff.

This morning I started the Progynova and the Utrogestan pessaries and tonight I'll have the first of the Clexane injections. I am now taking five different tablets as well as the pessaries and injections throughout each day, so I have drawn up a table to show me what to take when.

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