01 September 2014

Itchy and scratchy

Nurse L called me this morning to talk about D's appointment tomorrow for his sperm biopsy. He is going to be in meetings all day today, so she gave me the information to pass on to him. Apparently he needs to shave - and I don't mean his beard - which he hasn't done before, so there might be an interesting spectacle in the bathroom tonight!

The nurse also told me that they'd like me to have an endometrial scratching procedure as soon as possible and asked whether I could fit it in tomorrow. It won't take long and is apparently relatively painless afterwards, so I said yes. The idea is that an area of the inside lining of the uterus is scratched with a catheter, which may give an embryo an increased chance of implanting in the regrown tissue. They don't quite know how it works, but we might as well give it a shot! So D and I will be at the clinic one after the other.

Later in the week, Nurse L will call again and we'll talk about drug education and the Heparin prescription, which we had to apply for special funding to get. We also have a cost estimate. It will be $1,000 for the sperm biopsy and $12,000-13,000 for the IVF with ICSI. This seems a little less than last time, but I'm not complaining! It will depend on the amount of drugs we need to use and any incidental procedures, too. Our savings account is most of the way there but, thanks to some dental work I had to have last month, I will need to give the bank a call.

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